We transform the narrative of age.


Age is not a state, it is an asset. Hence the fundamental driver of our consulting approach is transforming the workforce50+ into a competitive strategic asset. Together with our clients, we co-create tailored solutions that re-define and re-utilize the skillset and expertise of the older workforce. Every single program is designed to drive innovation, productivity and sustainable growth for companies and organizations. We turn the biggest social challenge of our times into the biggest economic chance for the future. Join us in making a true difference.

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Our Mission

  • Leading the way into a new future of work where the word ‘age’ plays no role anymore.
  • Driving systematic change and sustainable productivity by introducing tailored Age Management solutions.
  • Enabling an active mindset shift through lived diversity and concrete workplace interventions.

About us

Wiseforce Advisors is an Age Management consultancy focused on systemic solutions and cultural interventions in companies and organizations.

Our strategy is to co-create pioneering solutions based on individual challenges and collected data to unlock the potential of mature workforce potential, whether you’re looking for increasing your teams’ effectiveness, sustainable growth or implementing a 360° diversity approach that goes beyond the gender and race dimension.

Our consulting approach

We believe in excellence – not for its own sake, but the kind achieved when people come together and implement new thinking with purpose. We offer the unique combination of an analytical approach with an empathic attitude.


Our patented, simple, result-driven model combines the 3 fundamental and dynamic elements in any company – people, processes, and their interactions. With our insight-based, cross-functional, easy-to-adapt solutions we effectively impact organizational processes, corporate culture and personal well-being effecting significant performance shifts from day 1.


Assess & Aspire

Evaluate status quo on 50+gen workforce;

Co-develop a strategic roadmap with cross-functional leadership team.

Connect & Coach
Run Age Catalyst Programs (ACP) for 50+ gen workforce to re-purpose sense of work contribution and step change their productivity centered around a personal roadmap.

Engage & Experience

Embed new narrative in HR processes; boost employee experience and employer branding.

Implement & Impact

Combine individual and group follow ups. Create an internal 50+ gen network.


Our model is designed with the single objective to propel innovation and drive transformation in companies and organizations. Effectively executed our clients and their employees experience a new level of performance, productivity and satisfaction given the impact on 5 major business pillars:
Competitive Advantage

Transforming age from a perceived burden to a competitive advantage

Talent Management

Optimizing Talent Management processes by reducing recruitment costs & bridging talent gaps through smart insourcing

Company Profitability

Boost company profitability by min 10% through increased innovation potential & accelerated process transformation 

Employer Branding

Maximizes the well-being of your employees & measurably improve belonging and Employer Branding

Digital transformation

Accelerating the digital transformation through using cross-generational expertise

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Mark Twain

Turn the potential of your aging workforce into a competitive advantage

Marie Jerusalem Founding partner & COO

Marie has spent the better part of her career as leader, advisor and CHRO for global companies. She is an expert in transformational change management, diversity and the interdependence of team well-being and sustainable company profitability.

She advised executives and HR leaders in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia on complex organizational DEI challenges in high change international environments. Marie has held the roles of Chief People Officer at Vistra, Co-founder and Partner at Oxford Leadership, Global Director of Human Resources, Arthur D. Little, and Global Director of Learning and Development for Booz Allen Hamilton..

Over the past 25 years, Christian has held roles as senior partner in leading international management consultancies such as KornFerry International and Heidrick & Struggles. He is an expert in executive career management and leadership advisory.

His profound knowledge about the 50+ workforce, its difficulties and potential for companies make him a leading advocate to step-change the perception of aging in a workplace. For him transforming the age narrative became the number 1 priority to actively tackle the most urgent and impactful demographic trend: the aging society.


Christian Jerusalem Founding partner & CEO

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