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WiseForce Advisors is an age management consultancy dedicated to re-define age in the workplace

The challenge is obvious.

Today, there are an estimated 727 million people over the age of 60, worldwide. In 2050, the share of older people in the global population is expected to have increased from 9.3 % in 2020 to 16%. So this means by 2050, 1 in 6 people globally will be aged 65 years or older. Fact is, our society is aging – and this holds huge potential for companies and organizations to establish a true competitive advantage that enables future growth.

Change begins with digging deeper to understand better

Our blog is all about discovering and introducing insights that ignite a movement and encourage new thinking.

As people live longer and technology becomes a feature of many aspects of work, the aging workforce needs to be carefully considered.
Ageism could be the most common form of discrimination in the workplace, and it disproportionately affects women.
Organizations that can meet the needs of age-diverse employees can reap significant benefits.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare and tech industries have been drawing on retired workers and those who took career breaks. Their success has broader implications for organizations that have previously sidelined older people.
With mature people making up a larger portion of the workforce, catering to their needs isn’t optional. Knowing how to improve their wellbeing is a must for any organization.

Our Mission

  • Leading the way into a new future of work where the word ‘age’ plays no role anymore.
  • Driving systematic change and sustainable productivity by introducing tailored Age Management solutions.
  • Enabling an active mindset shift through lived diversity and concrete workplace interventions.

About us

Wiseforce Advisors is an Age Management consultancy focused on systemic solutions and cultural interventions in companies and organizations.

Our strategy is to co-create pioneering solutions based on individual challenges and collected data to unlock the potential of mature workforce potential, whether you’re looking for increasing your teams’ effectiveness, sustainable growth or implementing a 360° diversity approach that goes beyond the gender and race dimension.

WiseForce introduces the AQ Methodology

A methodology designed to drive Behaviour Change in your company.

The AQ –Age Quotient – methodology is about creating awareness, nurturing a common understanding
and seeing the opportunities in the aging workforce being a strategic asset for organisations.

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The Drift TM Phenomenon

Having worked across many companies, we have identified a pattern specific increasingly common amongst the 50+ generation: A gradual process where the older employees seem to drift from being an active part of a company to becoming a passive one. This often comes from a divergence of personal values and purpose away from the values and mission of the company. We call this ’The DriftTM and this is our core challenge to address.

The Curriculum

To address this ubiquitous structural phenomenon, we’ve developed a pioneering holistic modular program targeting equally individuals and organizations. Its 3 phases are dedicated to enable not only an instant effect on well-being and team productivity but also an active and sustainable organizational, leadership and cultural change.

PHASE 1: Awareness & Assessment​


Determine the company’s AQ through our patented AMRQ (Age Management Readiness Questionnaire) evaluating the status quo on how you deal with aging within your company’s culture and organisational structure.

PHASE 2: Conduct & Coach


The customised ACP (Age Catalyst Program) designed specifically for people over 50 aiming to encourage mindset change around future work contribution and impact, including our proprietary assessment, a reflective inquiry process, individual coaching and sustained learning.

PHASE 3: Effect & Extend

The AQ boost

Partnering with HR to co-create processes and policies that boost your company’s AQ through implementing scalable changes in organisational processes and driving tangible transformation of your corporate culture.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Mark Twain

The Founders

WiseForce is the result of 2 people’s quest to fundamentally change how age is perceived and managed in the workspace. Their combined expertise in leadership, HR and organizational culture allows them to exclusively focus on turning a perceived disadvantage into a performance advantage.

Marie Jerusalem

Marie spent 30 years as a leader and organization/HR consultant for global companies where she not only gained bold insights but also became an expert in understanding the mutual connection between the diversity and well-being of teams and sustainable profitability. She has advised executives and HR leaders in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia on diverse and complex organizational challenging and high change international environments.

Marie has held the roles of Chief People Officer at Vistra, Co-founder and Partner at Oxford Leadership, Global Director of Human Resources, Arthur D. Little, and Global Director of Learning and Development for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Marie holds a Masters of Science (M.S.) in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California.

For the past 25 years, Christian held roles as a senior partner in leading international management consultancies. Throughout his career he gained essential experience in career management and leadership advisory in the areas of assessment and development of senior executives, teams and organisations as well as executive search at the global companies KornFerry International and Heidrick & Struggles.

His experience also includes significant insights of the prevalent difficulties faced by aging workforces and the increasing need and innovative potential for productive interaction between older and younger employees. This asks for an urgent transformation of the age narrative in companies to fully exploit the performance potential of the 50+ generation.

Christian Jerusalem